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Homework 1
Images and preimages
Quiz 1 Summer 2011 (openness, closedness, connectedness, boundaries are not on the Fall 2011 quiz 1)
Homework 2
Quiz 1
Quiz 2 Summer 2011
2.2 q14-18
Quiz 2
Midterm Summer 2011
Quiz 3 Summer 2011 (this quiz is on different material than the one we'll have on Tuesday)
Incomplete lecture 9 notes (beware: they are full of misprints and mistakes- I was writing them in a hurry!)
Previous exams
Mobius transformations
Quiz 3
Final exam

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List of most confusing topics

Youtube videos of the lectures by Yuri Burda

Lecture 2 first hour
Lecture 2 second hour
Lecture 3 first hour
Lecture 3 second hour
Lecture 4 first hour a
Lecture 4 first hour b
Lecture 4 second hour
Lecture 4 third hour a
Lecture 4 third hour b
Lecture 5 first hour
Lecture 5 second hour
Lecture 6 first hour
Lecture 6 second hour
Lecture 6 third hour
Lecture 7 first hour
Lecture 7 second hour
Lecture 7 third hour
Lecture 8 second hour
Lecture 8 third hour
Manipulating power series (video and audio seem to be out of sync --- I haven't yet figured out how to deal with that. Any suggestions for a good, preferably free, screen+audio capturing software are most welcome)
Lecture 10 first hour
Lecture 10 second hour
Lecture 10 third hour